If your potatoes are plenty hot

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canada goose black friday sale “While we would still welcome any improved pay offer from employers, none has yet been forthcoming. Therefore our council will now decide whether to initiate a statutory strike ballot when it meets tomorrow.”Education secretary John Swinney has said an updated offer from the Government and Cosla was “a better deal canada goose outlet netherlands than for any group of public sector workers in the UK”, but it was rejected by the teachers’ side of the negotiations.A significant increase is needed to show teachers they are valued and to help boost staff recruitment and retention.In an update to members, the EIS buy canada goose jacket cheap stated: “In an attempt to agree a settlement, the teachers’ side has proposed options which would improve the offer for all teachers, but it remains to be seen if these will be taken up.”We confirmed our willingness to meet again, as and when required.”Members have been extremely patient over a pay claim, which was due last April. Clearly that patience has its limit.”A special EIS council meeting has been arranged for this Saturday 12 January to decide on the next phase of the campaign, which may well be a move to a statutory ballot for industrial action, if there is no further movement from Scottish Government and Cosla.”Mr Swinney said the pay offer “would see teachers receiving a minimum 8 per cent increase between January 2018 canada goose outlet online reviews and April 2019”.An earlier offer, which Mr Swinney said at the time was the “best available” and would give most teachers a rise of between 5 per canada goose clothing uk cent and 11 per cent, was rejected by the teachers’ side of negotiations canada goose langford black friday in September canada goose black friday sale.

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