Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu reviewed the

heavy rain expected through thursday

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canada goose clearance In some places, the sea water may enter 200 metres inside the land, Mritunjay Mohapatra, scientist, incharge of cyclonic warning said.Unlike last year when Canada Goose online cyclone Phailin had struck the east coast with Odisha as the worst hit, this time it will be Andhra Pradesh, especially, the coast near Visakhapatnam.However, the exact location could be determined only by Saturday as canada goose clearance the cyclone proceeds towards canada goose black friday sale the coast.the topography of the area, where the landfall will take place, is hilly and this will help reduce the intensity of Hudhud. It canada goose will turn into a severe cyclonic storm, 12 hours after it makes landing, Rathore said.Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu reviewed the situation and asked the administration to be fully geared up to meet any eventuality.In Andhra Pradesh, as many as 26 revenue mandals are likely to be affected by the cyclone.About 250 personnel of the army have also been kept canada goose uk shop ready in Vizag to aid the administration in rescue and relief buy canada goose jacket cheap operations.All Odisha coastal districts have been provided with satellite phones for emergency and constant vigil was being maintained on rivers like Bansadhara, Rusikulya and Nagabali as heavy rain is expected there.have asked the collectors that no one should remain inside houses in Malkangiri district. All the people living in houses need to be evacuated uk canada goose outlet to safe place, Mohapatra said, adding that this was being done keeping the state commitment of cheap Canada Goose casualty as target canada goose clearance.

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